A Tractor for Matunget


Our amazing Ford tractor, soon on its way to Kenya

After this year’s Santa Fe Thunder, we were determined to purchase the tractor. Thanks to another successful race, all lights were green and it was time to take action. In 2014, Global Running Culture purchased 4 acres of land in Abraham’s village of Matunget, perched above the Great Rift Valley. Since then we have focused on our plan, including purchasing a tractor with which to build the school and thereafter generate income for school operations and to prepare for construction.

Over a weekend I researched over 500 tractors potentially fitting our bill. We honed our efforts on our exact need – a Ford or Massey-Ferguson +/- 30 years old, +/- 75 hp with low hours on the engine. After narrowing it down to 3, the next day Fred Perritt , owner of Machinery Sales, Inc. in Rayville, LA and I agreed on sale of a 1989 Ford 5900 72 hp tractor with only 2,000+ hours on the original engine. Fred has helped GRC by replacing a cut rear tire, welding weight holders onto the front, replacing the seat, and preparing his crew to drive the tractor to Houston for shipping (on a truck, naturally).

Abraham and students

Abraham Kosgei talking to students in front of the existing school

At the moment, we are in the middle of an online auction for shipping of a 20’ container to Mombasa, and then on to Eldoret (the largest town near Matunget) via truck; Abraham’s brother Daniel will facilitate transport once the tractor clears customs. Once the tractor ships out from Houston, we will be able to focus on plans for construction of the school next Spring. Once the container arrives in Matunget, it will be installed to serve as a secure garage for the tractor.

Our regular Sunday runs, mostly in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, afford ample opportunity to advance our multiple causes. We meet a good half hour before first light, enter the wilderness, enjoy peak experiences while catching up and discussing the issues of the day in as much detail as we desire, and to apply the craft that we each have pursued for more than 90 percent of our lives. Our adventures are fun and always energizing.

This morning, we climbed the knife-edge ridges above Nambe Lake with plenty of exposure while addressing the multiple trajectories we are living and advancing. I smiled to myself while avoiding terminal descents and refrained from mention of any negativity. When a peak experience is being had, it is fundamental that we commit to 100% elevated discussion. After all, we are professionals and this is our office.

Students in school room

Students in the existing school, with GRC donated solar lights from Unite to Light.

So, where we are right now is that the tractor is soon to be shipped to Kenya. That will set into play a series of events that will change the lives of many. Global Running Culture has dedicated countless hours to this effort and we are elated to see tangible progress realized. We invite each of you who have read this far to join our journey.

To catch up on the backstory, check out our blog and if you would like to make a donation or share the journey by getting involved, please email us at info@santafethunder.com. We thank Global Pearls, Inc. for its generous donation towards the tractor!

Smooth Runnings,

Joseph and Carolyn Karnes, and Abraham Kosgei