5 Things to do if you only have 4 Weeks to Train for a Half Marathon

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Life gets away from us and we realize that half-marathon we wanted to run is fast approaching. Here are 5 ways to get ready in minimal time.

1) Honesty- If you haven’t been running at all, are inexperienced or haven’t doing anything active you may want to grab the free t-shirt and sit this one out. But if you have been doing 4-6 miles 1 or 2 days a week it’s not too late.

2) Injury– Beware injury here as we are going to ramp up quickly. Our miles won’t be really high because then injury is a forgone conclusion. This is a fine balancing act here and the only way you get it right is if you bring ultimate attention to it. If you have any serious health conditions or injuries be sure to consult with your physician.

3) Goal Setting– Chances are you will not be setting any PRs on this one but you can still do it for fun, touch base with your running community and run that awesome race you have been eyeing. If you approach this a way to kick start your training again then you will not be disappointed if you have to walk a few miles in there.

4) Ramp Up– If you were taking 1 or 2 runs a week of 3-6 miles then add one or two more with a slight distance increase. You should add a run a week all four weeks so that you are at 6 runs a week by the week of the race. Try to make one run in there a longer 8-12 miler just to shock your body a bit. Reality check here. It is 13.1 miles, you want to be somewhat prepared.

5) Kick Butt– If your attitude is right and you added one run and a bit of distance each week you should be ready. Listen to your body, smile, and breath in the fresh air. You’re running and it might hurt but you can finish. Remember its only 13.1 miles. Some 8 year old Kenyan kids do that to school and back everyday 😉

Donate to Cure MS and Meet our Local MS Riding Team

Our good friend, runner, rugby player, environmentalist, mountaineer, biker and all around solid guy Gregory Huey puts a team and ride together annually for the MS fundraiser. Please support Huey, his team Los Monos Ayudantes, and help defeat this disease. You might even be able to join up, riding is good cross train for running 🙂

We just donated $50 to the team in honor of Billy Mills’s 50th anniversary of the 10k Gold Medal. We will be having events all weekend to commemorate this amazing feat. Keep a look out for them. Well done Huey and thanks for supporting and promoting our race. See you at the starting line!


Robin Williams on Running

Good stuff. A half marathon does a pretty good job too. He brought lots of joy and may have understood us runners better than we understand ourselves. RIP Robin Williams. You will be missed.

Team Red, White, and Blue

We were super excited to meet Perky this weekend at the Rio Grande Half Marathon. We had a great time this past weekend cheering all the adults and the kids on. What a great event Lakayla and Bosque Running Shop. Perky is a race director for two races in Albuquerque and is very passionate about Team RWB as her father served in Vietnam. We look forward to having her and Team Red White and Blue in Santa Fe for our Half Marathon and support Team RWB as part of our Global Running Culture.

We also encountered the 505 Running Guys and Girls Clubs. Grassroots running clubs in Albuquerque that help kids with all areas of their lives. We hope to see some of them at our race and support their causes. We love running and love that it is helping vets and kids live healthier and happier lives in our communities.

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Ultimate Gladiator Dash This Saturday

Its not to late to sign up for the best obstacle mud run in New Mexico right here. Come visit our table and get a discount to our Half Marathon while you’re out there. Let’s support active outdoor events for locals and tourist! Its going to be a blast and New Mexico Man might even make an appearance.

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Great Southwest Running Blog- High Desert Dirt

They have interviews with Billy Mills from our race, race reports from all relevant races in the Southwest, trail reports, maps, and the Though Guy list. The tough guy list includes all the awesome runners from the area that have made an impact on the National and International running stage. Steve Gachupin is one of the highlighted athletes. A Native American from Jemez Peublo you won’t believe what a bada@$ he was. Check that out and get information on anything running, biking, snowshoeing and skiing related in the southwest. Well done Kev!


Running for a Cause

Besides getting sweet shirts, goodie bags, discounted hotel rates, a visit to Santa Fe, historically amazing weather and a fast downhill course at altitude perfect for training; our marathon supports a cause. In case you didn’t know all the proceeds from our race go to support Global Running Culture. This non-profit supports youth through athletics. Literally our cause is youth education, running and other spots that support that. Why do you run? What is your cause? What is your story? Tell us and we might have a free bib for you. In addition we can share your story and help you raise more money and awareness through our networks.

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Win a Free Bib to our 2014 Half Marathon

All we need from you is a testimonial about our race and your experience with it in the past. Please tell us why you ran our race, what appealed to you about the race, what you thought about the high altitude-downhill course, what you thought about the temperature and weather, and what you thought and enjoyed about Santa Fe. Video/Vlog is preferred but something in writing with a photo will be considered too. Please send entries to joelewis@santafethunder.com, post with hashtag #santafethunder, or email to get dropbox info to send raw footage. The winner will be selected this Thursday at 5pm and weekly thereafter based on how compelling the story is and the overall production value. Thanks for your participation. See you at the Race! Please use other hashtags at will #runsantafe #globalrunningculture #traininghalf #visitsantafe #newmexicotrue #besthalfmarathon