2011 Santa Fe Thunder Inaugural Honoree

Dr. Joe Vigil, with Pojoaque Pueblo Governor George Rivera (#1) and others at the inaugural running of Santa Fe Thunder

Dr. Joe Vigil

Dr. Vigil and his wife Caroline drove out from their home in Arizona for the inaugural edition of Santa Fe Thunder. Coach Vigil is a force of nature and is always willing to share time to talk running. During his almost 3 decades as the Adams State head coach, Dr. Vigil’s runners won 19 National Cross Country Championships, including a perfect score of 15 in the 1992 NCAA Cross Country final! His pioneering study of altitude training led to appointments as Olympic distance running coach in 1968 and 1988 and his motivational speech to the 200+ runners enjoying their pre-race dinner resulted in New Mexico state half marathon records for the men’s and women’s winners the following day and a positive vibe for everyone! We always be grateful to Coach Vigil and Caroline for their willingness to support a brand new event and boost Global Running Culture forward. Thanks Coach!