2013 Santa Fe Thunder Honoree

A high speed freight train on a date with destiny. Always Believe.

The Ultimate Warrior

During his powerful and intense speech the night before Santa Fe Thunder, Warrior took a question from a brave guest: “what does wrestling have to do with running?” Warrior replied “well look what I did before every match – I ran to the ring as fast as I could!” Warrior proceeded to share his longstanding admiration for Emil Zatopek and to expound on what is takes to be successful in athletics and in life. “Prepare, perform and prevail in the time you have right f-ing now!” Warrior lived with a ferocious tenacity for achieving his goals. “Always Believe” is the Warrior motto, and Warrior’s passion for life made him a legend.

Warrior supported Santa Fe Thunder from the start and his enthusiasm for Global Running Culture’s mission of bettering the lives of youth through the powers of sport and education lifted us during challenging times and helped us recognize and appreciate each step and achievement. We will continue to share stories of our time with Warrior, contributing to a spirit that will run forever.