To implement a complex plan like buying a tractor and shipping it to the other side of the World, along with everything we can think of to fill up our shipping container, many different pieces need to come together. We have 15 boxes of shoes, clothing, and 100 solar reading lights here in Santa Fe ready to ship to our shipping broker’s yard in Houston. The tractor is ready to be trucked from Louisiana to Houston. I am set to buy the container and have it delivered to the yard. The missing link has been the tractor implements needed to prepare the school site for construction and the ag business we will create once the school is built to generate income for the school.


Wanted: Bottom disc plow

Over the past few weeks, we searched for implements on several fronts without much success. Our tractor seller, Fred Perritt, from Machinery Sales, Inc. of Rayville, LA, looked around for us and couldn’t find any near his place, and they are far more challenging to locate on the internet than tractors – especially a single resource offering multiple implements in the vicinity of Houston.

We are in the market for a bottom disc plow, a disc harrow and a seed planter. I have been watching Youtube videos about implements, spent much of my Thanksgiving holiday searching on the internet (Edited by Carolyn: ‘TRUE!”), and have met several times with Abraham. We need to get the right items within our budget and get them to Houston. I have learned that corn planting in the vicinity of Houston is not a big activity, resulting in challenges on the seed planter front.


WANTED: Corn planter

Abraham and I look forward to a long run in our wilderness office this Sunday to finalize our selections, make the purchase, and then hit the “play” button on our remote to start the 10,000+ mile show! We look forward to shifting our focus to finalizing the school construction plan for next Spring.

Asante sana (many thanks) to all who are sharing our journey to achieve Abraham, and Global Running Culture’s, dream of providing the children of Matunget, and children in our target communities, with opportunities to better their lives through the powers of sport and education! During this holiday season, we give thanks for the ability to pay forward the helping hands that have propelled us forward to make the most of our journeys.

Smooth Running,

Joseph and Carolyn Karnes and Abraham Kosgei