5 Things to do if you only have 4 Weeks to Train for a Half Marathon

couch run

Life gets away from us and we realize that half-marathon we wanted to run is fast approaching. Here are 5 ways to get ready in minimal time.

1) Honesty- If you haven’t been running at all, are inexperienced or haven’t doing anything active you may want to grab the free t-shirt and sit this one out. But if you have been doing 4-6 miles 1 or 2 days a week it’s not too late.

2) Injury– Beware injury here as we are going to ramp up quickly. Our miles won’t be really high because then injury is a forgone conclusion. This is a fine balancing act here and the only way you get it right is if you bring ultimate attention to it. If you have any serious health conditions or injuries be sure to consult with your physician.

3) Goal Setting– Chances are you will not be setting any PRs on this one but you can still do it for fun, touch base with your running community and run that awesome race you have been eyeing. If you approach this a way to kick start your training again then you will not be disappointed if you have to walk a few miles in there.

4) Ramp Up– If you were taking 1 or 2 runs a week of 3-6 miles then add one or two more with a slight distance increase. You should add a run a week all four weeks so that you are at 6 runs a week by the week of the race. Try to make one run in there a longer 8-12 miler just to shock your body a bit. Reality check here. It is 13.1 miles, you want to be somewhat prepared.

5) Kick Butt– If your attitude is right and you added one run and a bit of distance each week you should be ready. Listen to your body, smile, and breath in the fresh air. You’re running and it might hurt but you can finish. Remember its only 13.1 miles. Some 8 year old Kenyan kids do that to school and back everyday 😉